Sony is Reportedly Planning to Skip E3 2020

By Alistair Jones on at

Sony could be preparing to skip E3 for the second year in a row. Speaking to VGC, analyst and industry insider Micheal Pachter said that the publisher doesn't plan to attend this year's expo in June, following on from its absence at the 2019 conference.

Pachter says that "as far as I know, [Sony] doesn't plan to attend." Other sources mentioned in VGC's report suggest that it's still possible that the publisher will attend the conference, but the report also states that "we understand Xbox's events team is working under the assumption that PlayStation will not be at E3 2020."

If Sony is planning to skip this year's conference, we could be set to get our first proper look at the PS5 significantly sooner than expected. The PS4 was unveiled at a PlayStation Meeting in February 2013, and a similar meeting is expected to take place before PAX East and GDC, which take place in February and March, respectively.

Sony's been stepping up its non-E3 marketing in recent years, with a particular focus on its Nintendo Direct-like 'State of Play' broadcasts, which are both cheaper and less risky than a full-blown press conference. Assuming the company skips E3 again this year, however, even more questions are likely to be asked of the expo's ongoing relevance.