Legends of Runeterra Enters Open Beta Later This Month

By Alistair Jones on at

Riot’s not wasting any time in 2020. Last night, the League of Legends developer confirmed that its first major release since its massive MOBA arrives later this month, as Legends of Runeterra heads to open beta.

In an announcement, developers Andrew Yip and Jeff Jew confirmed that the beta will officially begin on January 24, although players who have already had access to or expressed interest in the game’s preview patches will be able to play a day earlier than everyone else. As well as access to the game itself, the beta update will introduce ranked and ‘challenge-a-friend’ modes. It’ll also continue League of Legends’ time-honoured tradition of cosmetic microtransactions, with new boards and guardians.

The open beta was always scheduled to arrive sometime early this year, but I’m pleasantly surprised to see Riot coming out of the gate quite so quickly. While balance and meta is likely to change significantly over the course of the beta, Riot says that there’ll be no further resets, and that access to the game will continue unimpeded after its full release, due later this year.