Final Fantasy Artist Yoshitaka Amano Has Done a Vogue Cover

By Luke Plunkett on at

For its first issue of 2020, Vogue Italia is trying something new (and very old), by ditching photography and devoting an entire edition to fashion illustration. There’ll be seven different covers made to celebrate this, and one of them has been done by Yoshitaka Amano, who many of you will know for his extensive work on the Final Fantasy series.

It’s not a fictional illustration: depicted is his take on model Lindsey Wixson, wearing an actual Gucci dress. But given Amano’s style, it’s hard not looking at it and thinking, oh, that’s a friendly wind sorceress, beautiful work as always my man.

Of course Amano has and continues to do so much more than just video game work, on everything from anime to comics to ads, so if all you’ve ever seen are his Final Fantasy logos then you should definitely go check out his site.