TIGA Publishes Five Principles to Help Developers Safeguard UK Gamers

By Alistair Jones on at

The Independent Game Developers Association (TIGA) has published a set of principles to help game developers operating in the UK safeguard players. The draft principles were unveiled earlier today, and TIGA has invited businesses to provide feedback on them until next month.

The first of the five principles is ‘Protecting Children’, encouraging developers to “take particular care in the design of games that are likely to appeal to children and provide the necessary tools and information about content for parents and guardians to enable them to manage all aspects of their children’s enjoyment of games.” Other principles focus on similar issues around safeguarding online communities and spending and time management. Those seem more universal, but have had particular relevance when it comes to younger audiences in recent years.

Elsewhere, the principles suggest the daring concept of ‘treating consumers fairly’, by “complying with all relevant marketing, advertising, and consumer protection law.” Presumably, that broadly ties in with the final principle, which relates to respecting personal data.

According to Dr Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO, the principles should help developers to take proportional action. Developers of huge multiplayer games will need to do more than small indie teams, but either way, the guidelines should help “demonstrate a firm, active commitment” to player wellbeing.