The Game Festival Offers 13 Limited-Time Steam Demos, Starting Tonight

By Alistair Jones on at

If you’re staying up late to watch the election results, then you might as well save yourself the stress and watch The Game Awards instead. There’ll probably still be some decisions you disagree with, but at least they won’t make you quite as miserable. If you don’t want to stay up that late but still want to get on board the Geoff Keighley hype train, you can take part in The Game Festival instead.

In a Medium post last night, Keighley announced the inaugural festival, describing it as “an event without barriers, extending the benefits of a physical event to the global gaming community that watches The Game Awards.” The festival will offer “more than a dozen first-look game demos, available for a limited 48-hour window before they are removed from Steam.”

There are 13 demos available in total, from Nightdive’s System Shock remake to reverse horror game Carrion to Tony-Hawk’s- Pro-Skater-meets-nature-documentary SkateBIRD. They’ll be available from 6pm GMT tonight until 6pm GMT on Saturday, December 14. Sounds like the perfect thing to distract you from the exit polls.