Rocket League's Blueprint Prices Drop, But Fans Still Aren't Happy

By Alistair Jones on at

The prices in Rocket League’s new item store are coming down. The changes, which were announced earlier this year before being introduced to the game this week, removed the crate-and-key model that Psyonix had used for years, but fans were unhappy about the cost of new items.

In a post last night, the developer said that it had “heard your feedback that the Item Shop and Blueprint pricing did not meet community expectations.” As a result, it’s reducing prices for many of its items - Rare, Very rare, Import, and Exotic cosmetics will all cost fewer credits, but Black Market items haven’t changed. Players who had already made purchases at the old prices will be refunded the difference. Refunded credits should already be in their accounts, but if not, should arrive later today.

Unfortunately, the community still doesn’t seem too impressed. While the new prices are more in line with the third-party marketplaces that players previously frequented, the response on Reddit in particular has been fairly negative. Players assumed that Psyonix was always planning to drop the prices as a gesture of goodwill, and suggest that the new system doesn’t provide as much value as its predecessor.