League of Legends' New Champion Does Some Really Big Punches

By Alistair Jones on at

Sad moon boy Aphelios has only just arrived in League of Legends, but Riot already has a new champion lined up. In last night’s testing server update (via Surrenderat20), Sett, the Boss, made his appearance.

Sett is a gangster from the otherwise peaceful and spiritual nation of Ionia, who rose to prominence during its war with Noxus. While many Ionians fight using the power of the elements (or knives, in the case of Shen and Irelia), the Boss is all about physical strength, more like a character out of WWE than The Last Airbender.

Three of his five abilities are just about punching. His passive lets his powerful right hook deal increased damage, while his Q, Knuckle Down, has him rush towards a fight to deal two powerful blows, and his W is literally just called Haymaker.

There’s no finesse elsewhere in his kit either. Sett’s E, Facebreaker, smashes enemies into one another, while his ultimate, The Show Stopper, grabs an enemy champion and leaps forward, dealing massive AoE damage on impact

The community has been piecing together clues about the new arrival for a while now - images of a previously-unseen character were spotted in the background of a tenth anniversary video earlier this year, and it’s thought that this might have been players’ first look at Sett. Sadly, however, we’ll be waiting a little while for the Boss to make his debut, as Riot is about to shut down for Christmas, but he should arrive with the start of Season 10 on January 8.