Untitled Goose Game Fan Art Imagines The Last of Us and God of War Crossover DLC

By Alistair Jones on at

Sony’s recent State of Play announced that Untitled Goose Game would be making its way to PlayStation. That reveal was accompanied a little later by a similar one from Xbox, but the original announcement caught the attention of fans.

In a tweet last night, artist pandamusk asked “can we have Untitled Goose Game DLC with levels from PlayStation franchises where you get to be a jerk to Kratos?” The tweet also contained drawings embedding the Horrible Goose in some of Sony’s biggest franchises. The Last of Us: Part Goose shows the goose wielding a knife as Ellie seems to prepare to lob a molotov at it, while in Goose of War, it’s capsized Kratos and Atreus’ boat and claimed it for its own.

My personal favourite offering is Goose of Tsushima, which shows the goose literally decapitating a man with a katana. It’s a little more gory than previous outings, admittedly, but the mental image of a samurai goose has definitely tickled me.