Sword and Shield Exploit Lets You Hatch Evolved Pokémon

By Alistair Jones on at

The Pokémon hatching grind might just have become a little less taxing. Players have found an exploit which allows them to hatch evolved Pokémon, rather than the earliest creature in the evolutionary line.

The trick is surprisingly simple to pull off once you know what it is. Once you’ve got an egg in Sword or Shield, place it directly beneath an egg-parent of the same species in your party, ensuring that the parent is one rare candy away from levelling up and evolving. As you go to use the candy on the parent, press and hold the down button on the d-pad. If you miss the timing, nothing happens, but if you get it right, the egg will level up and ‘evolve’.

As shown in the video below, once you hatch the egg, you’ll have the next step in its line. That means an egg that should have hatched a Magikarp should now hatch a Gyarados. It’ll still be level one, which means you’re not really saving any time on the overall levelling process, but the trick also allows you to change the hatchling’s moveset, and even check its nature, which should help cut down on hatching eggs you don’t actually want.