Overwatch is Once Again Pornhub's Most Popular Videogame

By Alistair Jones on at

Overwatch has reclaimed the dubious title of Pornhub’s most searched-for videogame. In the adult website’s latest yearly insights, searches for the hero shooter rose 8%, while last year’s chart-topper, Fortnite, was down 17%.

Pokémon and Minecraft both made third and fourth place respectively, while new entry Apex Legends came in fifth, peaking at 357,000 daily searches shortly after its launch in February. Further down the list, new games in established series saw searches for Resident Evil up 203%, Mortal Kombat up 102%, and Borderlands up a huge 554%.

When it comes to individual characters, last year’s winner Bowsette has tumbled 174% to fifth place, while second-placed Brigitte fell more than 200%, barely making the top ten. The rest of the top five featured Lara Croft and D.Va, while searches for ‘Super Mario’ nearly doubled, securing it fourth place. Returning franchises again saw spikes in popularity, with representatives from a number of fighting games, Resident Evil 2, Kingdoms Hearts, and (most depressingly) Pokémon rising significantly.

If you want to check out the stats for yourself, you can do so here. That link is technically safe for work, but maybe you should double-check how much you need to look at pornography data before you open it at your desk.