Louis Vuitton's League of Legends Hoodie Costs More than £1,800

By Alistair Jones on at

Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Riot Games was announced earlier this year. Since then, the iconic designer has worked with developers on an in-game cosmetic and an impressively showy carry-case for the world championships’ Summoner’s Cup. The highlight of that partnership – a capsule collection inspired by League of Legends – has finally arrived, and as expected, it’s ludicrously expensive.

To my untrained eye, the level of inspiration from League of Legends isn’t exactly clear. There’s a pair of t-shirts and a bag charm featuring character Qiyana and her already-LV-inspired skin, as well as a watch based on her look. Beyond that, I’m getting far more of a Louis Vuitton than Riot Games vibe.

In very real terms, however, I’m not getting anything. The cheapest item in the collection – something called a Bandeau – will set you back £130. A hoodie costs more than £1,800, and that bag charm is nearly £400. The most expensive item in the collection is a leather biker jacket that’s going for just under £4,300. At my last count, I’d spent about a tenth of that on League of Legends over the past ten years, so some rough maths would suggest I’ll be saving up for about 100 years if I ever want to afford that sparkly jacket.