Untitled Goose Game Devs Urge UK Fans to "Please, Please, Please" Vote Labour

By Alistair Jones on at

Hopefully, you’ll already be aware of the fact that there’s going to be a General Election next week. I know. I’m not happy about it either. But in the unending nightmare that is British politics at the moment, yesterday offered at least one bright spot, as the Horrible Goose waded into the political debate.

Technically, the Goose’s words came not from its beak, but from its official mouthpiece - the Twitter account of developer House House. Acknowledging that this might be a little off-brand for an account dedicated to mischievous water-fowl, the studio told its followers that “if you’re in the UK, please, please, please go and vote for a Labour government on Dec 12th.”

If something like this has happened before - a developer using its official account and/or mascot to support a political party - then I’m certainly not aware of it. But of all characters who might fit the bill, the Horrible Goose is arguably the most fitting. During a People’s Vote march in October, references to Untitled Goose Game showed up on a number of placards, and in actual Untitled Goose Game canon, “a goose chased Margaret Thatcher out of office, spurring a Bennite revolution and the irreparable decline of the Tory Party.”

Here’s hoping.