Rocket League Community in Uproar Over New Item Shop Prices

By Alistair Jones on at

Earlier this year, Psyonix announced its plans to replace Rocket League’s lootboxes. Abandoning the previous crate-and-key system, the new system uses something called Blueprints, which show you the item up-front, and allow you to decide whether or not you want to buy.

If you do fancy a new bit of kit, you can spend credits, Rocket League’s in-game currency, which can also be purchased at the regional equivalent of roughly 100 credits to $1. Now that keys are useless, they’ve all been converted into between 100-130 credits based on how many were in your inventory, and in keeping with the community’s long-standing acceptance that a single key is worth about a dollar.

Until now, the game’s trading community has used this equivalency as its base rate. It agreed, for example, that a Storm Watch decal for your car was worth about £6-7, so you would swap it for six or seven keys, while a set of Infinium tyres would set you back just one key.

With the introduction of the item shop, however, Psyonix has killed this community in one fell swoop. With no keys, there’s no basic unit of income to trade with. And with no base market rate, the developer is free to set its own prices. That decal, for example, is now going for the equivalent of double the price, while those wheels have been priced at around £10. Some of the most expensive items in the game now require players to pay more in credits than the game itself actually costs.

As a result, the Rocket League subreddit is in uproar. Some users are complaining about item prices and the impact on the wider community, while others are suggesting that the market change is a precursor to the game becoming free to play. Many are keen to blame Epic, which adopted Psyonix earlier this year, for the change, but others suggest that the developer is perfectly within its right to ignore the community market when setting up its own.

Given the extent of the backlash, many players have suggested that Psyonix will relent and lower its prices in an attempt to regain some goodwill within the community, but many others have suggested that any effort it makes is unlikely to be enough.