Dead Cells' First Paid DLC Offers Cute Mushroom People and a Horrible Swamp

By Alistair Jones on at

Dead Cells' first paid expansion arrives early next year. Unveiled in a video published last night, the DLC, titled The Bad Seed, will release on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

While developer Motion Twin is responsible for Dead Cells, The Bad Seed comes more directly from Evil Empire, a splinter studio formed specifically to allow a group of former staff to continue working on Dead Cells.

The DLC's biggest changes are two new biomes that will offer more choices, especially in the early game. The Arboretum sounds quite lovely,  full of cute critters and lush trees. By contrast, however, The Swamp seems to be pretty gross, full off massive ticks and sneaky blow-gunners. To deal with those threats, however, there'll be some new tools at your disposal. The new content promises the game's first double-slot weapon, as well as a host of adorable mushroom people.

Motion Twin makes clear that despite all this new paid content (all due to be available for less than a fiver), Dead Cells' free updates will continue, and that "the proceeds from the sale of the DLC will help support the development of the game."