A Google Stadia Pop-Up Arrives in London Next Week

By Alistair Jones on at

Google is bringing a Stadia pop-up to London later this month. In an announcement yesterday, the tech giant said that events will also take place in Paris and Los Angeles.

The Stadia Team's announcement says that "starting next week, we're bringing Stadia to select cities [...] At the Stadia Holiday Pop-Ups visitors can get Stadia swag, enjoy holiday snakcs, mingle with Youtube Creators, and most importantly, play some games with Stadia."

The London event takes place in Shoreditch from 12-8pm local time on December 11, but I'm not really sure what purpose it serves. Beyond letting people play games that they would probably enjoy just as much in the comfort of their own home and loading them up with sugar and merch, there doesn't seem to be much on offer. But hey, if you're in Shoreditch on the 11th with nothing to do, I suppose there are worse places you could be.