There's Already a Mandalorian Mod for Star Wars: Battlefront II

By Alistair Jones on at

Thanks in no small part to Baby Yoda, Disney+'s new Star Wars serial, The Mandalorian, is proving impressively popular. Sadly, there's no (legitimate) means to watch the the show in the UK just yet, but modders are stepping in to give you an early bounty-hunting fix.

Uploaded earlier this week, The Mandalorian is a Star Wars: Battlefront II mod that introduces the, er, Mandalorian to the game. Using Boba Fett as a base (the bounty hunter already sports some convenient Mandalorian armour), modders Claymaver2000 and Savager 34 have made a few changes to bring the character's appearance in line with the show.

Boba's helmet and armour have been stripped of their pleasing greenish hue, and been gifted a cape (although a better fit is already on the way). The most important change, however, is to his jetpack - while Boba and dad Jango could both take temporary flight, the Mandalorian doesn't offer any aerial capabilities. The mod swaps the jetpack for a rifle, but it's just a cosmetic change, so if you're using the mod in competitive play, it'll still function. Now we'll just have to wait for someone to swap Yoda with his infant replacement.