The FBI is Reportedly Using PlayStation Network to Help Catch Alleged Drug Dealers

By Alistair Jones on at

Drug dealers could be using the PlayStation Network to arrange meetings with potential buyers. According to a report from Vice, one alleged dealer might have used the console's communications systems to help them sell a large amount of cocaine.

Vice's report is based on a search warrant filed by the FBI in October, asking Sony to provide data on a PS4 player who the Bureau claims was using the service "to coordinate the sale of large quantities of cocaine." After working alongside an anonymous source as part of a sting operation, the warrant asked for information including "the contents of all communications" associated with the relevant PSN account, as well as "all records or other information regarding the identification" of the account.

The FBI also asked for location data, friends list information, and the identities of anyone who communicated with the user about "matters relating to drug trafficking." They also ask for "the types of services utilised, games played, and content consumed," although I assume more communication will have gone through some cheap multiplayer game than anything like Death Stranding.