Quantic Dream Ordered to Pay £4,000 Compensation Over Failed "Security Obligations"

By Alistair Jones on at

Quantic Dream, the developer of games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human says it's paid a former employee more than £4,000 compensation over a "security obligation." Other employees created images of their former colleague that a judge said were "homophobic, misogynistic, racist or deeply vulgar."

The judgement has not come as a result of the images' existence, or of their content, but of Quantic Dreams' failure to halt their creation and sharing. In a statement on Twitter last night, the developer said that "although these images were created outside of regular office hours and no complaints were made, the company should have anticipated the possibility of said images getting out of control, since they were created on company premises."

The statement reads that "the judge rejected all of the ex-employee's principal requests," suggesting that the 'Super Nanny' caricature "did not justify their claim and that there was no deterioration of their working conditions in the company." As reported by PC Gamer, that "principal request" included a desire to have their resignation re-classified as an unfair dismissal.

Quantic Dream says that it will not appeal the ruling, but the complainant will - a translated report from Mediapart says that an image of their face superimposed on the body of a man with a Hitler moustache and performing a Nazi salute was not included as part of the judgement in the case. The former employee had initially sought compensation of just under £100,000.

As a result of reports by a number of French publications early last year detailing allegations of sexism and homophobia within Quantic Dream, the developer is currently involved in lawsuits against two of those companies. Hearings in those cases are currently scheduled to take place later this week, but may be affected by a general strike in France scheduled for December 5.