It's a Lovely Day at the Family Christmas, and You Are a Horrible Sock

By Alistair Jones on at

There is a time in every young person's life when they transition between a person who begrudges receiving socks for Christmas into a person who enjoys receiving socks for Christmas. For me, this mark of true adulthood was brought on by the fact that I needed new socks, but begrudged buying them for myself far more than I begrudged actually receiving them. For others, it may simply be because they are gifted a pair of extremely good socks. This time around, however, those socks are horrible. Not aesthetically, of course - I actually find them quite cute - but because they are goose-shaped, and it is a lovely Christmas morning.

This is all a hyper-complex way of saying that House House - best known as the developers of indie hit Untitled Goose Game - is teasing new sock-themed merchandise for its game. Yesterday, the developer tweeted a pair of pictures of said merch, announcing "good news for sock fans coming later in the week."

The socks themselves depict everyone's favourite avian anti-hero in all its glory. The Untitled Goose Sock offers not only a means to keep your feet fashionably warm, but perched upon a hand, puppet-style, the sock will let you steal your family's possessions, before running away from them, honking obnoxiously the entire way. Hilarious, I'm sure you'll agree, but certainly a good way to gen uninvited from family gatherings for the foreseeable future.