GAME's Christmas Tinner Now Comes With Veggie and Vegan Alternatives

By Alistair Jones on at

Until last night, I lived in innocence. In ignorance. Until last night, I had never heard of GAME's Christmas Tinner. Then, I received an email informing me about this crime against God and Michael Bublé, and my world was changed forever.

Apparently, the Christmas Dinner first hit GAME's shelves in 2013, offering lazy gamers an opportunity to enjoy a full three-course festive feast without ever leaving the comfort of their chairs. The original Tinner kicked off with a layer of scrambled egg and bacon (followed, for some reason, by mince pies) before working down through a full roast and into a layer of Christmas pudding.

This year, the Tinner has returned, but is accompanied by veggie and vegan options - clearly GAME is not a company prepared to miss out on a market trend. The veggie version has deeply offended me, sandwiching a layer of Toblerone between roast parsnip and mashed sprouts, and yule log between Cauliflower cheese and veggie gravy.

By contrast, the vegan option looks pretty good, with a hefty amount of roast dinner making up the majority of the canned contents, topped off with a layer of scrambled tofu and facon for ‘starters’. I’ve got a problem with the proximity of the vegan custard and chocolate cake to the red cabbage, but I guess it all had to fit in somewhere.

The Christmas Tinner apparently came to life after a study showed that 43 per cent of players in the UK wanted to spend as much of their Christmas break as possible in front of a screen. All three versions of the Christmas Tinner will be available to buy on the GAME website, presumably because the Food Standards Agency won’t let them be sold over the counter.