The Hero of Hyrule is Coming to Super Mario Maker 2

By Alistair Jones on at

Super Mario Maker 2's latest update features a fan-favourite crossover from The Legend of Zelda series. As well as a host of new enemies and building blocks, the new content includes the Master Sword power-up, transforming everyone's favourite Italian plumber into the Hero of Hyrule himself.

Your new look isn't just cosmetic - as Link, Mario can use the Master Sword to pull of dash attacks and down thrusts to cut through enemies. If you're feeling a little more defensive, you can use the shield to block incoming projectiles, and if something's out of reach, you can use your bow and arrow to grab hold of it - or just blow it up with a bomb.

Elsewhere, the update introduces classic enemies like Spike and Pokey. When it comes to building courses, there are also unbreakable 'P' blocks and high-speed Dash blocks. The new content arrives on December 5.