Star Citizen's Crowdfunding Campaign has Raised Nearly £200 Million

By Alistair Jones on at

Star Citizen has reached another milestone in its ongoing crowdfunding campaign. Last month, the spacefaring game raised a further $9 million (£6.98 million) to take the total amount raised beyond the $250 million (£193.7) mark.

Last month's community efforts were nearly three times those raised in October, thanks in part to the build-up to CitizenCon, which took place in Manchester during November. Nearly 2.5 million people have now contributed to the project (making for an average about £77 each), which now sees Star Citizen closing in on being the second most-lucrative crowdfunding campaign of all time.

It's worth pointing out that Rockstar is said to have spent around £205 million on the production of GTA V. Cloud Imperium Games seems likely to overtake that milestone relatively quickly, which is an impressive spot to be in for a game that's still firmly in its testing stage.