Check Out the PS5's V-Shaped Development Kit

By Alistair Jones on at

The first images of the PlayStation 5 have surfaced. An image showing off two devkits (and what appear to be two controllers) was shared on Twitter over the weekend, offering fans an early look at the new consoles.

Devkits - which are used for developers making games before the release of new consoles - don't often look like the models that find their way into stores. These ones, however, look a lot like the patent images that surfaced early this year, especially when you focus on that impressive V-shape in the middle.

Tom Warren, senior editor at The Verge, confirmed that the images were of the new console's devkit. He also said that "the reason it's large and v-shaped is to make them more easily stackable for devs who are running multiple stress tests. The cooling is optimised to push air out of the sides and centre." there's nothing about using the middle to keep your pizza slice warm, but I'm sure Sony knew exactly what it was doing.