The Best Black Friday Gaming Deals

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Like Christmas, Black Friday happens earlier every year. I'm pretty sure that it's been running for several weeks already, so inured have I become to the blandishments of rubbish deals on social media. 10% off a game I'm not interested in, sweet!

Yet here I am, inhaling some of those sweet deal fumes: to be fair, this is at least the point where the discounts get a lot more interesting. This is going to be a heavily curated list of stuff that's (a) decent in the first place and (b) has a chunky discount. We'll keep this updated as new deals appear over the next day or two: so enjoy, or console yourself (*b-dum tsh*) with the fact it only comes once a year.

Best Gaming Hardware Deals

The Razer Blade Stealth is a premium gaming laptop with a premium price, but here's your chance to pick it up for a whopping £435 off the asking price. Usually £1235.34, here it is at eBuyer for £799.98. This deal from eBuyer knocks £335.26 off, and use the code RAZERBF at checkout for the full discount.

Switch Neon with Pokemon Sword and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: £299.99 (was £359.99)

Nintendo is arguably the least discount-friendly of the platform-holders, simply because at the moment Nintendo's stuff is in heavy demand. So a Switch, the brand-new Pokemon Sword and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for £300 is about as good as it'll get. This console's the model with improved battery life, to boot.

SOLD OUT! Gotta go faster!

Best alternative: regular 'ol Switch with Pokemon Sword for £279

Switch Lite with Pokemon Sword for £214.99 (was £240)

Not a massive discount on the Switch Lite, but then the hardware's only just come out.

Just want the Switch Lite on its tod? £179 to you sir.

If you need storage for your Switch, it's hard to get better bang for your buck than this 128GB Sandisk micro SD card for £12.99 (usually £34.99)

Need a Switch case? This one's decent and half-price at £4.99 from Argos

PS4 Pro with Death Stranding for £299 (was £349)

£50 off with Death Stranding as a pack-in is hard to sniff at, and there's a bunch of other PS4 titles going for dirt-cheap below.

Xbox One X with Gears 5, Tekken 7 and Project Cars 2 for £299 (was £449)

Project Cars 2! In all seriousness, a very good price for the ultimate Xbox model.

Xbox One S with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Tekken 7, Project Cars 2, and 3 months of Game Pass for £179

Pretty much the best bang-for-your-buck available, with the great new Star Wars game bundled in, Tekken 7, everyone's favourite Project about Cars sequel, and three months of Game Pass.

Best Switch Game Deals

Best Playstation 4 Game Deals

Best Xbox One Game Deals

Remember we'll be updating this post until the apocalypse finally comes to claim our worthless souls. So do check back.

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