10 Favourite Meals in Gaming

By Peter Tieryas and Narelle Ho Sang on at

Over in the states, it's Thanksgiving, which means lots of food and lots of sweets. Last time we wrote one of these posts, we went over 9 of the strangest foods in gaming. Here are 10 new gaming meals that made us salivate.

The Witcher 3

Hunting noonwraiths, becoming the fisticuff Champion of Champions across Skellige, Novigrad and Velen, and choosing the right choices to keep Yennefer happy was tough work in CD Projekt Red’s RPG, The Witcher 3. Crafting potions was one way to boost health to tackle all of those harrowing or delightful quests. Staying alive, however, was more fun when looting food supplies from the houses and villages of the rich, the downtrodden, or the quest givers who betrayed your good will. It’s true bread could be bought from taverns, and everyone seemed to relish their alcohol given how much of it you could steal in the game… But raiding a bandit camp, killing all the rogues, then looting their freshly dismembered corpses for chicken sandwiches was much more satisfying. And yeah, really gross, too.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Sitting down with your adorable students to share a hot meal was one of the more pleasant activities of this 2019 strategy RPG on Nintendo Switch. They represented happier memories of school life – before opposing ideals ripped friendships apart, forcing your students and their former schoolmates to cross swords, axes, bows, and magic against one another. You could still break bread with your students in the latter half of the story but with constant reminders of wartime rations and the knowledge that fighting dear friends to the death could happen at any given moment, it felt a more solemn affair. Still, remembering the delicate cakes and desserts at private tea parties, scrumptious meals such as the Two-Fish Saute, and others made from various fresh produce (some grown and cultivated in the school’s greenhouse) all sounded delicious and elegant.

Final Fantasy VI

One of the most riveting scenes in Final Fantasy VI is when the Returners have a banquet with the Emperor and he pretty much spends the entire time lying to your party about his intentions. It’s a high stakes dinner where you believe the fate of the world is at stake without realising Kefka’s already made his own plans. But at least the repast was good… I think?

Final Fantasy XV

I used to love instant noodles as a kid. There was something just so delectably accessible about them. Boil hot water, pour in for three minutes, and voila, a meal. It might be considered blatant product placement in the context of FFXV, but with my (Peter) family out of town, cup noodles have become a staple and made me relate to the FFXV brotherhood so much more than the wonderful gourmet dishes Ignis brews up.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

As with the other games in this sprawling RPG series, in Trails of Cold Steel III you and members of Class VII of Thors Military Academy (and the Branch Campus) could earn and cook recipes for health and status boosting effects. Some characters have more (or less!) of an affinity for creating dishes than others which could lead to lovely or disastrous results. One of the tastiest sounding desserts of the lot is the Airy Meringue Cookie, a speciality derived from the Fluffy Chiffon Cake recipe – which also sounds like a divine temptation we wish we could whip up in real life with the press of a button.

As for the more nefarious dishes that could be created, the ‘Orange Liquid’ concoction produced from a failed Southern Punch recipe attempt is not something we’d ever want the displeasure of tasting.

Root Letter

Set in the real life Matsue in the Shimane Prefecture, your attempt to find out about a penpal who may or may not be a ghost leads you to check out the local cuisine. And it’s some of the best looking food we’ve eaten. We’ll be sure to visit the real life Matsue next time we’re in Japan.

Outer Wilds

The brilliant, haunting, and beautiful sci-fi game, which was released this year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, brought with it an existential question to ponder. Exploring the secrets and depths of the universe took patience, puzzle-solving, a death-trap of a spaceship, and a curious but bold nature to face death every 22 minutes in its looping time cycle. In a game of thrilling discoveries and reflective moments, one of the quieter ones occurs while choosing to sit at a campfire and roast marshmallows. As your Hearthian explorer takes a bite, you can hear some chewing followed by a gulping sound. It’s sort of icky, but also delightful – the act is a moment of respite on the journey to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

Castlevania Series

A series known for being brutally hard, the only thing that made the difficulty bearable were random pieces of meat that were stashed in walls and gave succor when you most needed it. I know many people have questioned the origins of the meat as well as how long it’d been hidden in the walls. But c’mon, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Dracula stashed it there for midnight runs through his castle.

Resident Evil 1

I’m probably the only one who saw the zombie crunching on the brains and suddenly got hungry. But damn, that zombie looks like he’s really enjoying his meal.

Pokémon Sword and Shield

I’ve only made curry from scratch once. It was in Thailand and mashing the curry together and cooking it was one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had. It was also by far the best curry I’ve eaten. So busting out the ingredients and making curry at camp in Galar brought back good memories. Who knew Pokémon dug curry?

So these were some of our favourites. Hope you hungry folks will share with us some of yours in the comments!