Cyberpunk 2077's Sex Scenes Are Reportedly Motion-Captured

By Alistair Jones on at

CD Projekt Red reportedly opted for motion capture when producing Cyberpunk 2077’s first-person sex scenes. During a Q&A at an annual community event in Warsaw, the developer gave a little insight into what the virtual romps will look like.

In a summary of the event’s main talking points (via PC Gamer) posted by Reddit user Shavod (whose attendance seems to have been confirmed by CDPR global community lead Marcin Momot), they say that when it came to sex scenes the developer “did a lot of mocap,” and that “they believe that their amount should satisfy everyone, which should calm down anyone who assumed that they will just skip those entirely because the game is in first person.”

Exactly what any of that will look like remains to be seen but, having been to CDPR’s mocap studio, I’m struggling to shake the image of two unfortunate actors having to simulate futuristic hanky-panky in such a thoroughly unsexy place.