For Only £1.8 Million You Can Buy The Dream Home Of Sierra On-Line Founders Roberta And Ken Williams

By Zack Zwiezen on at

Do you have a couple of million saved up in your bank account? Do you love games like King’s Quest? Are you looking for a new home? Then maybe you should buy the former dream home of popular game developers Roberta and Ken Williams. Or at least check out the website listing, which features some wild pictures from inside the large house located in California.

As spotted by Laine Nooney, a professor at the Department of Media, Culture and Communication at NYU Steinhardt, this home is up for sale currently and is being listed on a real estate website. The asking price? $2,310,000 (£1,800,186).

On the website, you can find more than 60 photos showcasing the outside and inside of the home. The most interesting photos showcase stuff like a giant Apple logo and stained glass windows featuring characters from Sierra games. There is even a stained glass window featuring the original Sierra On-Line logo.

Nooney shared on Twitter some more details about the home. The house was built in the '80s and these are some of the first photos we have ever seen of its interior.

The home was built by Roberta and Ken back when they were still with Sierra On-Line, the game development and publishing company the couple founded as On-Line Systems in 1979. They would later sell the company and retire.

A few years ago they won a lifetime achievement award at The Game Awards.