Resident Evil 3 Remake is Reportedly in Development

By Alistair Jones on at

Capcom is reportedly hoping to follow up on the success of its Resident Evil 2 remake with a new version of Resident Evil 3. In a video published yesterday youtuber SpawnWave said that the game is already in active development, and is slated for a launch next year.

Eurogamer and VGC both corroborate claims that the new game is currently being worked on, but state that the multiplayer Project Resistance - which was announced in September - is receiving more attention from Capcom.

Another remake isn't too surprising. Capcom has previously suggested that if Resident Evil 2 was a financial success, it would look into remaking more of its back catalogue.  Given that Resi 2 has sold nearly five million copies, the existence of more remakes isn't a huge shock. What's more unexpected is that Capcom is targeting such a short turnaround - Resi 2 only launched at the beginning of this year (there are also questions to be asked about Resi 3 being chosen over Resi 4, but I'll let those slide for now).