Portal 2's Local Co-Op Support Just Got a Lot Better

By Alistair Jones on at

Portal 2's local multiplayer is now easier to manage than ever before. A new update, alongside the release of Remote Play Together, should mean that it's simpler than ever for friends to start thinking with portals.

Valve's latest changes to the iconic puzzler are mostly relatively minor, with several bug fixes and improved camera control. Interestingly, however, the patch also adds local co-op support for multiple input devices. Now, one player will be able to use a controller, while the other uses a mouse and keyboard. Elsewhere, local co-op has been extended to contributions from the community co-op map queue.

Previously, split-screen was limited to local play - attempting to play together online required both players to own the game. But Valve has recently introduced Remote Play together, which will allow you to play locally even if your partner isn't sat next to you. That's not directly mentioned in the patch notes themselves but, given the increased support for local multiplayer, I'd suggest it's about to become pretty relevant.