League of Legends' New Marksman is Surprisingly Close With His Sister

By Alistair Jones on at

League of Legends’ competitive season has come to an end, ushering in a preseason that’s already slated to be full of changes. Many of those have been known about for a while, but earlier this afternoon, developer Riot Games seems to have quietly announced a new addition to its roster - Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful.

Traditionally, Riot teases its new champions ahead of their full reveal, but Aphelios seems to have shown up out of nowhere. A vague hint dropped in October’s champion roadmap, but those hints can often show up several months ahead of a new arrival’s first full appearance. By contrast, Aphelios was fully unveiled in a post on the lore-focused ‘Universe’ page.

That post states that the new champion is a marksman from the mystical region of Targon. Other than that, details are relatively scarce, but we do know that Aphelion has been rendered mute by the same poison that fuels his powers, and is helped in battle by his sister, who seems to appear in a spectral form, projecting herself from a far away sanctuary to arm her brother. We also know that both characters are Lunari - part of the same moon-worshipping cult as fellow champion Diana - which could potentially set up a champion event with those champions and Leona, a member of the sun-worshipping Solari.

Traditionally, we might expect a champion reveal like this to predate an arrival in the next patch. This time around, however, that update is due tomorrow, and new champion Senna is only a couple of weeks old, I’m going to assume that Aphelion won’t be arriving in game quite that soon. Look out for him later in the pre-season.