Jeff Kaplan Says "Nothing Would Make Me Happier" Than Bringing Link to Overwatch

By Alistair Jones on at

Blizzard has been pretty vocal about its desire to see Overwatch characters brought over to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but what might that crossover look like the other way around? In a quickfire interview with Game Informer (via Nintendo Life), game director Jeff Kaplan revealed which Nintendo character he’d like to see join the cast of his hero shooter.

After reiterating his desire to put Tracer in Smash, Kaplan was asked which Smash Bros character he’d like to see in Overwatch. His response was emphatic, declaring that “nothing would make me happier than putting Link into our game.”

Sadly, The Hero of Hyrule will probably never make it to Overwatch, but there is something that fills the aching void that knowledge leaves in our hearts. Earlier this year, a group of artists put together a trailer that showed what Link might look like in one of Blizzard’s character trailers. He comes across a little like Brigitte, which is probably just another of myriad reasons he won’t be making it into the game, but hey, we can all dream, right?