CS:GO's New Skins Are Already Selling for More than £1,000

By Alistair Jones on at

Last night’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update introduced the new Shattered Web operation, bringing in unique character models as well as a host of new weapon skins. Those cosmetics are already proving pretty lucrative, as community demand has already driven prices up into four figures.

The most expensive weapon is the Gungnir skin for the powerful AWP sniper rifle. Nine have sold already, with the most expensive shifting for £1,006.23, or just over $1,300. Another AWP, the Containment Breach, is on the market for £777, although the highest buying price currently sits at just under £400.

When it comes to another popular gun, the AK-47, asking prices are even higher. Currently, the only person selling the new Wild Lotus skin is asking for £1,350 for it, although again, the community has shown it’s not willing to pay quite that much - the current highest buying price is £717.

While these are certainly some expensive cosmetics, when it comes to CS:GO, weapon skins have reached far higher prices. Last year, another AWP skin sold for nearly £50,000. The game’s economy has, however, caused Valve some problems in recent months - the company was forced to ban key resales last month after discovering that the in-game items were being used as part of a global money laundering scheme.