Pokémon Modder Reinstates Culled Creatures to Sword and Shield

By Alistair Jones on at

A modder claims to have found a way to reintroduce Pokémon cut during Sword and Shield’s controversial ‘Dexit’ into the game. In a series of tweets this morning, user SciresM posted footage of an Omastar within the new games, despite that Pokémon not being included in the series’ most recent releases.

The footage shows the fossil Pokémon, which was introduced to the series in its first generation, battling a Ghastly. While the stats and moves are incorrect (this particular Omastar was originally a Yamper, which was then edited by SciresM), the model and its animations seem to be accurate.

SciresM says their method doesn’t overwrite any other Pokémon, so while this Omastar is technically a cute electric corgi, no Yampers were harmed in the making of this mod. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of work to be done before the mod can reinstate the entire Pokédex, and the newly-reintroduced Pokémon are lacking some of the animations that let them enjoy the best of the Wild Area and Camp, but those can be apparently be added in.

The modder’s discovery comes after backlash from fans over Nintendo’s decision not to feature complete National Pokédexes in the new games, and the suggestion that animations and models have been re-used from older games, despite developer Game Freak’s statements to the contrary. Hypothetically, this approach would allow all unused Pokémon to be added back into the game in time, although it could be a while before the process is complete.