Google Panics, Adds 10 More Games To Stadia's Launch Lineup

By Luke Plunkett on at

Perhaps spooked by the fact the only people who seem to care about the impending launch of their Stadia home streaming platform are those noting everything wrong with it, Google has at the 11th hour — this thing is releasing tomorrow, on November 19! — almost doubled the number of games that’ll be available when it goes live.

Originally intending to launch with 12 games, Google will now be releasing 22, with the extra ten — including titles such as NBA 2K20, Final Fantasy XV and Rage 2 — having been bumped up from the list of titles that were originally expected to come to Stadia “later in 2019".

22 games is better than 12! Has it made you any more tempted to get a Stadia at launch? If so, let us know in the comments below and haha of course it hasn’t nobody asked for this thing.