Baba is You Will Get Community Level Creation Next Year

By Alistair Jones on at

I’m so bad at Baba is You that even the sight of a rabbit is enough to have me break out in a cold sweat, but it seems that now it’s about to get even harder. In a tweet over the weekend, developer Hempuli Oy confirmed that fans of the game will soon be able to create and share their own levels.

The tweet reads that “Baba is You will get a level editor in 2020, and it’ll feature online level-sharing.” More details are on the way, but the developer did confirm that you’ll have access to fan-created levels no matter what platform or storefront (the game is available on both Steam and, as well as the Nintendo Switch) you’re playing on.

Given that I found the original version of the game tough as nails, I’m a little scared to find out what monstrosities the wider community can cook up.