Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Getting a Paid Subscription Service

By Alistair Jones on at

Given that Animal Crossing appears to be a veiled warning about the dangers of finding yourself in ever-growing debt, the introduction of an in-game paid subscription service seems just a little on-the-nose. However, that doesn’t seem to have held back the team behind mobile version Pocket Camp, which has just announced the arrival of Pocket Camp Club.

An in-game announcement published this weekend (via Resetera) reads: “with the second anniversary of the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game right around the corner [...] we’re rolling out a new paid membership service, Pocket Camp Club on November 21".

The club offers multiple plans, as the announcement goes on to say that “in one plan, you’ll be able to appoint one lucky animal as your camp caretaker and get some extra help around the campsite. In the other plan, you’ll be able to receive fortune cookies and store your furniture and clothing items in warehouses.”

More information will be published later this week, but players don’t seem particularly impressed by the announcement. A number of users have taken to Twitter suggesting they won’t be opting into the service, with some calling on others to actively boycott the Club, and others concerned that the practice could extend to some aspects of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is scheduled to release next year.