Life is Strange Devs' Next Game Stars the First Transgender Protagonist from a Major Publisher

By Alistair Jones on at

With Life is Strange 2 coming to an end later this year, developer Dontnod Entertainment has announced its new title, Tell Me Why, during the Inside Xbox stream at X019. Set in small-town Alaska, the game focuses on twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan, who explore their troubled childhood throughout the course of the game.

In developing Tyler, who is the first transgender videogame protagonist from a major studio and publisher, Dontnod worked closely with both Microsoft and LGBTQ organisation GLAAD in an attempt to make the representation of their experience as authentic as possible. Both Tyler and Alyson are playable characters, and as Tell Me Why’s story progresses, players will have to choose whose interpretation of past events they choose to believe, shaping the twins’ relationship as well as their futures.

While Tell Me Why isn’t part of the Life is Strange universe, Dontnod will be continuing more than just its narrative tradition, releasing its new game in three episodes, all of which are due to arrive in summer 2020 via Xbox One, the Microsoft Store, and Steam.