Grounded is a First-Person Survival Game from the Developers of The Outer Worlds

By Alistair Jones on at

RPG developer Obsidian has just announced its next project, first-person co-op survival game Grounded. The studio behind Pillars of Eternity and The Outer Worlds showed off the new title during the Inside Xbox stream at X019.

Grounded sees players - either solo or alongside up to three co-op partners - shrunk to the size of an ant and forced to survive in the most threatening environment of all - a suburban backyard. Using resources found throughout your garden world - from dew drops to manage your thirst to acorn caps which you can use for armour - you’ll need to craft and build bases to stay alive. You’ll exist peacefully alongside bugs like ladybirds, but will be forced to fight to survive against some of your more aggressive new neighbours - I’m not sure I’ll ever look at ants in quite the same way again.

While much of Obsidian has been working on The Outer Worlds in recent years, the studio says that a small team has been working on Grounded since long before its acquisition by Microsoft last year. Grounded is set to arrive in Spring 2020 on PC and Xbox One via Xbox Game Preview, Xbox Game Pass, the Microsoft Store, and Steam.