A Tonne of Final Fantasy Games Are Coming to Xbox Game Pass

By Ethan Gach on at

Final Fantasy VII through XV (excluding the MMOs) will get added to Game Pass in the coming months, Microsoft announced today during the latest episode of Inside Xbox at this year’s XO19 fan event in London.

That chunk of the series includes nine games, many of which, like Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, were made even better with excellent new remasters. It also includes the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, which despite arguably being a low point for the series overall, still includes some damn fine JRPGS. XIII-2 and Lightning Returns are still both totally worth playing in my opinion.

Eurogamer also reports that Final Fantasy XIV will make it to Xbox One eventually, according to remarks the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, made during a pre-XO19 event. “14 is one I’ve been dedicated to, working with [director] Yoshida-san to find a solution to bring that game to Xbox,” Spencer said. Released on PC in 2013 and PS4 in 2014, the game never made its way to Xbox One. In 2013, Naoki Yoshida said that was because of Microsoft policies restricting games from sharing servers with players on other consoles. Things are obviously different now.

While the Final Fantasy series won’t get added until sometime next year, there are a bunch of other great games coming before the end of this year, including Halo: Reach as part of the Master Chief Collection and The Witcher 3.

As new games come to the service, old ones still leave unfortunately, and this month that includes among other stuff Capybara Games’ Below, the moody action adventure roguelike inspired by Zelda, which will be gone after November 30.