Monster Energy Stocks Reach Month-Long High After Death Stranding Release

By Alistair Jones on at

I still don't know much about Death Stranding, but a few details have made their way into my consciousness over the past week or so. Babies, bridges, and Norman Reedus have all featured prominently, as has a strange fascination with Monster Energy drinks.

I was under the impression that Death Stranding took place after some apocalyptic event. From what I've seen so far, however, that event didn't extend to Monster Beverage Corp, whose products Sam Bridges seems to slam back with little regard for his blood pressure. It would seem that this particular product placement hasn't gone unnoticed by consumers, as the company's stock price surged during Death Stranding's release window.

As noticed on the game's subreddit (via USGamer), the price jumped by nearly three dollars between November 7 and November 8 – the day the game arrived on PS4. It's dropped a little since then, but is still at its highest value in nearly six weeks.

Now, it's entirely possible that this is all a coincidence, but the timing is so perfect that I'm going to choose to ignore that possibility.