New Red Dead Redemption 2 Mods Let You Skip its Opening Chapters

By Alistair Jones on at

I’ve heard mixed things about Red Dead Redemption 2 since its console release last year, and now that the game has arrived on PC, I can’t say its modding community is doing my impression of it any favours.

The first few hours of Rockstar’s cowboy epic take place in and around a unique camp in which you’re introduced to its main characters and taught to navigate its world, before eventually moving on to a new camp at the end of the first chapter. If you’re a new player, that’s great news, as it sounds like a good way to gear up for the rest of your adventure. But if you learned the perfect way to skin a rabbit the first time around, I can imagine it gets a little tedious.

Enter the burgeoning community of Red Dead Redemption modders. Not content with turning Arthur Morgan into the Joker, they’ve now started sharing save files to help you skip swathes of the early game. Popular modding site Nexusmods currently hosts seven mods, two of which will skip you to the end of the intro, and a third that’ll take you all the way to the beginning of chapter 3.

Personally, a subsection of the community dedicated to helping you skip through massive chunks of a story-driven game doesn’t sound like the greatest advert ever, but I’ll admit that repeatedly playing through tutorials you’ve already done doesn’t sound much fun either.