Farming Simulator 20's Switch Release Gets a Pokémon-Themed Trailer

By Alistair Jones on at

Farming Simulator is coming to Switch next month, so what’s a marketing team to do to mark that occasion but riff on one of Nintendo’s most successful IPs of all time? Clearly, the answer is ‘not a lot’, because publisher Focus home Interactive has just released a trailer inspired by Pokémon.

In case you were wondering, that ‘inspiration’ isn’t something that the trailer leans particularly far away from, opening to the slogan “gotta farm ‘em all,” complete with its own take on the series blue and yellow text.

From there, things get even more egregious, as players are encouraged to collect and then presumably evolve their farm vehicles (tractor, bigger tractor, thresher (?) is my favourite evolution line). If heavy machinery isn’t your jam, you can also raise a host of animals, although I think I prefer Game Freak’s takes on Wooloo and Rapidash. Of course, no Pokémon parody would be complete without a nod to the anime, so Ash’s iconic baseball cap switcheroo makes an appearance.

This isn’t the first time Farming Simulator’s trailer have leaned towards the bombastic, but I’m pretty sure this blows last year’s Fast and Furious-themed trailer out of the water.