Call of Duty Players Have Turned This Shotgun into a Sniper Rifle

By Alistair Jones on at

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has only been out for a little over a week, but that’s all that the community needed to start messing with its catalogue of weaponry. And in no way has that been felt more keenly than with the 725 shotgun.

The 725 is a relatively standard double-barrelled shotgun. That two-shot magazine makes it high risk, but its huge damage output also makes it impressively high-reward, allowing people to dash out of cover, tag an unwitting enemy, and disappear again.

To those who say the 725 isn't broken from r/modernwarfare

The weapon’s in-game description confirms says that its cylindrical choke gives it a tight spread, making it impressively long-ranged for a shotgun. But once the community got its hands on the 725, it worked out that it could kit out the gun with a scope, a suppressor, and an even longer barrel to transform it into some kind of shotgun/sniper hybrid.

Unsurprisingly, players want this particular build dealt with, and have been sharing clips of the gun working not really as intended. The Modern Warfare subreddit is filled with posts about the weapon, with one commenter describing it as “the most broken weapon in the game,” but Infinity Ward is yet to take action, so expect at least a few more long-range shotgun snipes before the problem goes away.