Disco Elysium Devs Want to Make an Expansion, a Sequel, and a Tabletop Game

By Alistair Jones on at

Detective games are not usually my forté, but Disco Elysium has certainly got its hooks into me over the past couple of weeks. In its mental reimagining of the RPG party, Estonian developer ZA/UM has created something very special - but it definitely isn’t finished yet.

In an interview with Escapist Magazine, lead designer and writer Robert Kurvitz says that while the game released last month, he’s steered clear of reviews in an attempt to keep his sanity. He’s also keeping busy, with ports for the Xbox One and PS4 due next year, alongside a host of localisation work.

But fans of the game have more to look forward to than that. Kurvitz says that the studio has “an insanely ambitious list of projects we want to make in the Elysium setting.” In the medium term, that includes both an expansion and a full sequel, but in future “the last one I want to make [...] is the tabletop setting,” which he promises will be “a really, really, crazy pen-and-paper game.”

That tabletop game is still many years away, and even the expansion isn’t likely to show up any time particularly soon. If you’re wanting more from ZA/UM’s setting, however, Kurvitz’s novel, Sacred and Terrible Air, is currently being translated into English, and is set to be published next year, but I can only hope that my bumbling Sorry Cop makes an appearance.