Mario Kart Tour's Multiplayer Beta Will be Locked Behind its Paid Subscription

By Alistair Jones on at

Multiplayer is coming to Mario Kart Tour, but if you want to be among the first to try out the mobile version in the way it’s arguably meant to be played, there’s a chance you’ll find yourself disappointed - unless you’re willing to pay.

Last night, the game’s official English language account tweeted to confirm that “a real-time multiplayer beta test is planned for December.” More details, and presumably an exact timeframe, are expected soon, but that tweet revealed that only those who have subscribed to Mario Kart Tour’s £4.99 monthly Gold Pass will have access to the initial test.

Given that Mario Kart is at its best in multiplayer, it’s surprising that it will have taken several months for players to get their first taste the online mode, and even more surprising that not everyone will have access to it. Nintendo has already been criticised for locking the app’s 200cc mode behind its subscription service, and this new use of the monetisation has received a mixed reception from fans. Look out for more information about the beta test in the coming weeks.