Hearthstone Pro Blitzchung Signed to Esports Team as a Result of his "Character and Integrity"

By Alistair Jones on at

Esports organisation Tempo Storm has signed Hearthstone pro Ng ‘Blitzchung’ Wai Chung to its roster. In a statement last night (via Polygon), the organisation’s CEO said that the player “exemplifies” his company’s beliefs.

In his announcement, CEO Andrey Yanyuk said that “we believe first and foremost in supporting players and encouraging them to engage and to speak out on the things about which they are most passionate. In many ways, we value the character and integrity of out players as much as, if not more than, their tournament placings.”

According to Yanyuk, Blitzchung offers “incredible talent, an infectious personality, and a great deal of enthusiasm, for Hearthstone as well as his community and others around him.”

Last month, Blitzchung was banned from competing in Blizzard’s esports events for 12 months as a result of his vocal support for the Hong Kong protests during an official broadcast. Following global backlash, Blizzard reduced that ban to six months. Between now and the end of the ban, Tempo Storm says that he will “increase his streaming presence and [...] continue to train and represent the brand abroad.”

Blitzchung had initially suggested that he was content to leave Hearthstone behind, but now says that “since I haven’t reached my professional goals yet [...] I will start competing again after I am unbanned.”