Gold and Platinum Monster Hunter Sculptures for Only £63,000 Each

By Brian Ashcraft on at

If you are in the market for Monster Hunter sculpture and have lots of money to spend, have I got two items for you!

Created to celebrate Monster Hunter’s 15th anniversary, here is a Gold Rathian, made from 24K gold, and a Silver Rathalos, made from Platinum. Each is 8,800,000 yen (£62,900) or you can buy both for a cool 16,500,000 yen (£117,900).

Famitsu points out that there are cheaper versions: a Gold Rathian made from silver and covered in a yellow gold coating as well as a Silver Rathalos made from, well, silver. Priced each at 880,000 yen (£6,290).

Featured image: U-TREASURE