Browsing the Epic Games Store Just Got a Lot Easier

By Alistair Jones on at

Following in the footsteps of Steam’s recent library overhaul, the Epic Games store has undergone its own transformation. Now, instead of simply scrolling through until you found the game you were looking for, a handful of changes make it significantly easier to find titles that might appeal to you.

Heading to the store now presents you with a ‘discover’ tab. Up top, there’ll be a major release (The Outer Worlds, at time of writing) before other sections that point you towards new releases, free games, and upcoming titles. If you’d prefer more of a traditional search, however, you can head to ‘browse’, where you’ll be able to filter by genre and other features, like multiplayer or operating system.

Those changes are live, but in announcing them, Epic also revealed a handful of features that are on their way. A grid view should make your library a little easier to parse, but the more interesting changes are the arrival of a Steam-style wishlist and critic reviews - while user reviews don’t seem to be on the cards, you’ll be provided with scores and excerpts powered by aggregator site OpenCritic. Sadly, however, there’s no word on when any of those features will be introduced.