Undertale's Sans Just Made His Professional Wrestling Debut

By Alistair Jones on at

Earlier this year, when Undertale’s Sans (sort of) made his way to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, many might have assumed that he’d reached his peak. The mischievous skeleton would appear to show no signs of stopping, however, as last night he made an appearance in a real-world wrestling match.

Sans’ cameo came during last night’s All Elite Wrestling Halloween celebration. As the night went on, proceedings were interrupted by a video mocking AEW’s executive vice president, Kenny Omega, and his departure from the New Japan Pro-Wrestling league at the start of this year.

The goading voice in that video was eventually silenced by Sans, who asked Kenny if he could “tag in.” Omega then appeared on stage in full Sans cosplay, from his skeletal face right down to his pink slippers, accompanied by ‘Megalovania’ from Undertale’s outstanding soundtrack.

While Omega’s costume was extremely good, he had mixed success on the night. While he saw off his original challenger, he was then battered ringside after his match. That doesn’t seem entirely fair, but then the world of professional wrestling is all a mystery to me. I just hope that someone comes out with a Lesser Dog cosplay next year.

Image credit: DioMF, Twitter