Riot Unveils League of Legends Hip-Hop Band True Damage

By Alistair Jones on at

Following on from the chart-topping success of last year’s K/DA, Riot has unveiled a new virtual band filled with League of Legends characters. Dubbed True Damage, the new hip-hop inspired outfit will debut at the Worlds 2019 finals on November 10 with its first track, Giants.

As well as the music video for that track, Riot’s unveiled a host of new skins for the champions included in the band. Akali, Ekko, and Yasuo all receive one new outfit each, while Qiyana and new arrival Senna will both get special ‘Prestige’ skins designed by Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière.

While the champions will be handling the vocals in fiction, in real-life, the band will feature American singer-songwriter Becky G, Hustlers actress Keke Palmer, and rapper DUCKWRTH, alongside K-Pop star SOYEON and Nigerian rapper Thutmose.

Riot’s been dabbling in the music scene for years, since the formation of metal band Pentakill in 2014, and often releases certified bangers in the run-up to its World Champions. With the arrival of the K-Pop stylings of K/DA last year, however, riot found itself at the top of Billboard’s World Digital chart, making its new band only the fifth female act to ever do so. Moving away from such a big success is an interesting move, but I’m looking forward to seeing what True Damage brings to the table.